Mountain Guides for your safety

Elizabeth Morales Guerrero - Sales Executive.


She has a Bachelor`s degree in translation of interpretation of the Ricardo Palma university. She studied Inglish in the Volksuniversiteit Hilversum in Holland for 8 months and has an intermediate level French. On the other hand, she has experiece in costumer service beacuse she worked in the United State of America to HMShost Company. Moreover, She is a multicultural person, she loves travelling around and knowing others cultures. She is also one of the people who guides you and answers kindly your doubts before and during your stay in Perú.


Mitne Morales Flores


Graduate in tourism, specialized in tourist marketing and in these moments she works directing and welcoming the clients. She is also student of English of the intermediate Cycle in these moments.


Rolando Morales Evangelista


Applicant to International Guide of high mountain, studies in the house of guides, very disciplined and he is lover of the mountain, he comes from a family of operators of tourism, besides he studies english.


Mayumi Morales Evangelista


She is a member of the family, with a to wide experience in adventure walk begins from very small following her Father,he is a pioneer in the Tourism. At the moment she is applicant to walk Guide in The House Of Guides of High Mountain.


Peruvian Summit Expedition SAC.- Tour Operator
Av. Las Américas 130 Huaraz - Perú
Phone: 0051 043 422867
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