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The city of Yungay capital of the county of the same name, located to 2548 msnm and 55 km to the north of Huaraz, for the same route that unites to all the towns of the Alley of Huaylas.
Lakes of LLanganuco, located to 3863 m of altitude and 28 kilometers of the new city of Yungay. Lagoons are they are part of the National Park of Huascarán.
This beautiful lake is located in the province of Caraz to 100 km of the North of Huaraz to a height of 4200 msnm. The lagoon of Parón at the moment.
Churup lake, to the east of Huaraz to 4,485 m, is one of the lakes well-known and of more tourist affluence for acclimatization walks, the most advisable thing turns out to begin the walk from the village Pitec (3,800m).
Snowed Pastoruri, located to 106 kilometers of Huaraz and an altitude of 5.240 m. It's the first visit point to the National Park after taking the deviation of the town of Pachacoto.
Beautiful summit located at 4.000 msnm where you will be able to appreciate part of the mountain range Blanca and the black Mountain range.
Located in the province Huari to 3.185msnm, 110 kilometers to the southeast of Huaraz, to approximately 3 hours 30 minutes in car.
Place Pariah, to the northeast to 7 Kilometers of Huaraz. This temple is made completely of stone that has 3 platforms, there is a series of galleries inside.

We leave from Huaraz until going by Yungay and later for the lakes of LLanganuco, to few minutes of there we will arrive to the camp of Cebollapampa 3.850 m.)

The lake shallap is a beautiful lake of glacial origin that is located closely together at the end of the valley of Shallap in the White Mountain range of the city of Huaraz.
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