Peruvian Summit Expedition is a local company and that controls great part of the services that offers. For this reason we guarantee the quality, the service and control in our prices. To reason of always improving our service, when concluding the trip we will request to complete a form of questions, for this way to be able to improve some aspects.
Currency: All our prices and payments are in American dollars.


The prices include all the services requested by the client, depending on the individual necessities and the level of requested service.

The requested services will be mentioned in our final report on the prices and itineraries.


  • Transfer of the Bus to the Hotel and vice versa (Huaraz).
  • Guides of high mountain or Walk.
  • Cook and assistant for groups of more than 8 people.
  • Carriers.
  • 01 muleteer for each 05 donkeys.
  • Private transport  for going and turn of the tours.
  • Kitchen carp, dining room carp, bathroom carp, kitchen equipment, chairs, tables.
  • High mountain carps.
  • Technical equipment for to climb (rope, screws, stakes).
  • Food while we are in the mountain (breakfast, box lunch, dinners).
  • First-aid kit.
  • Emergency horse for more than 6 people.


  • Air passages in national flights.
  • Aeroportuarios taxes of national and international flights.
  • Personal clothes and personal equipment of climbing.
  • Extra feeding.
  • Air passages from origin country and return.
  • the food not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Expenses of personal nature (laundry of clothes, drinks, communications).
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Mattress
  • Extra days of hotel for premature arrivals or retarded departures.


The reason of assuring the hotel reservations, transport, guides, equipment and to cover our administrative costs; we request a payment deposit. 

Once reached a final agreement on the itineraries and prices of the trip, we request to deposit 20% of the agreed cost more the tax to the Bank $20 and our form of reservations will be signed and send you via fax or e-mail. The reservations will always be considered in when 20% of the agreed cost.


The deposits will be paid by direct transfer to the Bank to our saving account.


Name of Account

 Henry Walter Morales Evangelista

Address of the Associate

 Av. Las Américas 130, Huaraz, Ancash, Perú



Name of the Bank

 Banco de Crédito del Perú

Nº of Account

 375-19071635-1-35 Dólares Americanos

Telephone of the Bank

 051-1311-9898 (Perú) or 1(800)3368472 (USA and  Canadá)

Code Swift

 BCPLPEPL - Web Site: 

Taxes: All bank transfer fees are to be paid by the client.


The Balance of the money was paid in American Dollars when Arriving  to the city Huaraz before beginning the Walk and/or Escalade.

Dates Of Exit for Groups - Confirmation of Walk and Deposit

The minimum number of clients for our Dates of Exit in our walks indicated in our Web site it will always begin in when the group has 3 people like minimum and as maximum 8 people.    
To confirm the final date of our fixed exit it will be four weeks before the trip begins or as soon as possible if the group has minimum or more people.

To confirm the trip that this carrying we will request 20% of deposit of the agreed quantity more $20 dollars for the Bank tax.

Private groups - Confirmation of Walk and Deposit

For the private Groups or special groups of Walk and Escalade and/or others that are not included in the groups of our fixed exits will be considered always confirmed in when they have carried out the I deposit corresponding of 20% more $20 dollars for tax to the Bank.

Politics of Cancellation

If our clients cancel their trip, our refund politics is like it continues:

  • Until the 60 days before the date of the trip - we will retain 50% of the cost of the trip to cover our expenses made in reservations and administrative costs..
  • Until the 30 days before the trip date - we will retain 75% of the cost of the trip. 
  • less than the 30 days to the trip date - we will retain 100% of the cost of the trip..
  • The balance of the paid deposit will be returned to the client.

We recommend our clients to obtain a trip insurance, and that it includes a medical insurance, evacuation and repatriation expenses.

In the case of happening an accident, lesion or illness, we will organize a rescue in the possible quicker and surer way. All the expenses will be to the client's responsibility, including transport, helicopter, personal of rescue, medical treatment, repatriation and other expenses that could arise during the rescue.


Peruvian Summit Expedition commits to that the clients are sure, healthy, to provide guides and personal flexible and qualified, easy equipment to manipulate. However, in the mountains there are always elements of risks that are presented and that the clients understand that all the trip activities as walks and climbings will take certain risks.


Peruvian Summit Expeditions took all the necessary care when providing the services to our clients to avoid in that way accidents, illnesses, loss of personal objects. and it only used personal kind, qualified and operators with reputation. We accept our responsibility for our personnel's actions and in a same way for the other services hired by us with third people, always in when that they act inside that that Peruvian Summit Expedition has indicated.   
Peruvian Summit Expedition cannot be responsible for any action or event inevitable. We cannot also be responsible for the inappropriate acts that carry out  our clients or third People.
Peruvian Summit Expedition won't be responsible for the bad climate, accidents, illness, lesions, loss of personal objects, natural disasters, additional costs, strikes, civil arrests, etc. is the client's responsibility to have an insurance against accidents which should cover all these types of situations.
We reserve the right of to modify or cancel the program due to some accidental facts that could happen on that mentioned in the previous paragraphs. All additional cost that could be will result is the client's responsibility. If the program is canceled or extensively modified, it leaves of the price for the cancellation / modification of the program will be made the respective refund to the client. The quantity refund matter will be agreed with the client taking into account the expenses of money and the time dedicated to this circumstance by our representative organizing and/or solving the problem of the walk or climb.

In the case that the client is disabled of continuing with the trip due to the lack of physical condition, illness, lesion and other causes, the guide has the obligation of evacuating the client with or without the consent to other members' of the group . In this case all the additional costs will be to the client's responsibility and won't  have right to the refund of the cost of the trip on the part of Peruvian Summit Expedition.


Any complaint type about the trip should be made initially to your Guide, and subsequently for an e-mail or letter directed to Peruvian Summit Expedition, preferably before its return to your country in the possible brevity, but anyway in the 2 weeks that your trip has culminated.   
We will investigate your complaints completely then we will negotiate in the best way and we will give solution to your problem. If your complaint was almost exact and that the error was on behalf of our company or have our personnel negligence proven, then we will negotiate a refund on it leaves of the cost of the trip

Me / We agree with the terms and conditions mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

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