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Huaraz 3090msnm.


Huaraz is the capital of the Department of Ancash located in the skirt of the Mountain Blanca in the central mountain range from the Peru to 3,091 m.s.n.m., also well-known as the Capital of the international Friendship. Its itinerary is the route Lima-Pativilca-Huaraz (408 km) to 7-8 hours of well asphalted highway. Huaraz has been affected by several earthquakes, the most disastrous happened May 31 1971.


Huascaran National Park

Located in the department of Ancash, on the Mountain range Blanca, that is the highest tropical mountainous in the world. It was established as national park in 1975 on a surface of 340 000 hectares and declared Natural Patrimony of the Humanity for the UNESCO in 1985.


The Cordillera Blanca

Located in the department of Ancash, the Mountain range Blanca is considered the Peruvian capital of the andinismo, it's located to the oriental side of the valley of the river Santa, in the Alley of Huaylas. The Mountain range Blanca this fully included inside the    Huascaran National Park  and it counts with 50 mountains that it has more than enough they pass the 5,700m.


The Cordillera Huayhuash

The mountain range Huayhuash this located at 50Km. to the south of the Mountain range Blanca, this chain of mountains is one of the most spectacular and beautiful places in the Peruvian Andes. Thanks to the difficult of their access, it has remained almost intact. It is ideal to practice mountaineering and trekking.

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