Located in the department of Ancash, on the Mountain range Blanca, that is the highest tropical mountainous in the world. It was established as national park in 1975 on a surface of 340 000 hectares and declared Natural Patrimony of the Humanity for the UNESCO in 1985.
The park protects one of the most surprising ecosystems of high mountain in the world: Andean species as the Goad of Raimondi in the Gulch Pumapampa and the quenuales in the lagoon of LLanganuco; 663 glaciers like the Huascarán (6768 msnm), the Huandoy (6395 msnm), the Chopicalqui (6354 msnm), the Hualcán (6122 msnm) and the Alpamayo (5947 msnm); 269 lagoons like that of Parón, Cullicocha, Llanganuco, Auquiscocha, Rajucolta, Querococha and Cuchillococha and 41 rivers, as well as numerous mountains, 26 of those which overcome the 6.000 meters high. In their interior it finds refuge an abundant and varied flora and wild fauna, composed for near 800 species of plants and several dozens of animals.
The park is, also, scenario of 33 places archaeological pre íncas (as Wilkawaín), and home of dozens of rural communities that speak Quechua and practice the agriculture and the cattle farming using traditional technical.
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