The Lima geography is characterized for having mountains since the Andes are located until the sea borders, in high latitudes. The Pacasmayo mountain reaches 1000 meters high in a vertical shape over the Pacific Ocean. The Andes are just giants under the 20 or 30 kms under sea, and the valleys are like triangular sloping planes and they are just extended until 40 kms.

Lima shows several raging rivers such as Huaura, Pativilca, Chillon, Cañete and Rimac, this last one with a course of 160 kms formed by the joint of Santa Eulalia in Chosica. This place has on its littoral a variety number of islands, islets and reefs. San Lorenzo Island is the biggest and extensive of the Peruvian Pacific islands. Several islands like from Pachacamac, Asia, and The Fronton make up appreciable deposits of guano. The Littoral of Lima is cloudy almost the entire year. The sun shows up when the spring season is finishing, and during the Summer time, the warmth increase coincides with the river increase because of the Andean rains.

During winter, the intense humidity produces vegetation called hills. Lachay and Pasamayo are the most important hills. The sea has some beautiful bays and they are just perfect for harbors like the harbors from Cerro Azul, Chancay and Huacho. Besides, it has an admirable etiologic richness which is different from the north and south sea. Finally, Lima has on his Andean zone a great variety of minerals such as copper, silver, calcium and salt. The mines from Casapalca to San Mateo have silver and copper, while the carbon zone of the central basin reaches until Oyon, with a 100 kms distance from the sea. Lima was called during the Colony Period as the ¨City if Kings¨ by the Spanish. Nowadays, Lima is the first industrial and financial center of Peru.

Lima Colonial and Modern

Tour guided for the most important and typical places of Lima during the Colonial Period like the Lima Main Square, Government Palace, The Cathedral, The Archiepiscopal Palace, The Lima Municipality, The Desamparados Station, some old streets and Classical mansions from the viceregal period, and Balcony of Moro Style. Then, we will visit the San Francisco Church with its majestic convents, The Museum of Arts and the Catacumbas. When we finish our visit to old Lima, we will visit San Isidro and Miraflores, The Mirador or Love Park making a contrast between the old Lima and modern Lima. Then we will visit the old and bohemia district of Barranco.


Pachacamac is the most important Pre Hispanic Sanctuary of the Central Coast of Perú. It is located at 31 Kms south of Lima, in the Lurin Valley. It is built with sun dried brick (adobe). People from remote towns used to visit this place in order to adore the Pachacamac God ¨Creator of the Universe¨.
We can find rests of Palaces, Streets, Squares and Temples which was built totally with sun dried brick. Some of them have been partially restored like the Sun Temple and The Acllahuasi or The ¨Chosen House¨. Besides, we can visit its interesting Museum (includes to Museum ticket), there you can see the Idol Pachacamac God.
It is also included a ride for the District of Barranco, and we finalize the ride looking at the Pacific Ocean.

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