Itinerary: Loreto - Iquitos - Amazon Adventure (3d /2n)
Day Arriving and Reception.

You will be received at the airport or at the hotel. Then we'll take you to the port of the city, where we take a speedboat thru Amazon River (3-4 hours). Reception at Amazon Action Yanayacu Lodge with a tropical drink.
Orientation. After settle in the cabins we will receive some indications about our staying.
Lunch Botanic Tour. Guided excursion thru Yanayacu forest to see exotic trees and plants of the amazons, used by local communities.
Night expedition by canoe. In company of our guides we will sail through the river, hearing the sound of the forest at night, and seeing some hunter animals, like fisher bats, birds, and reptiles, like snakes or black caiman (Melanosuchus niger). Return to Yanayacu Lodge.

Day Bird watching.

We will sail in the river at dawn to observe Peruvian amazon birds like camungo (Anhima Cornuta), King fisher eagle, roadside hawk, among hundred of species, in their natural habitat.
We can photograph them, while our guide teaches us about its habits and local names. It is also common to find other animals, as monkeys and sluggish bears.
Monkey trail. We will go into the forest to observe plants and animals. We can see giants trees (more than 98,43 feet high) and we
have the opportunity to observe numerous species of local monkeys (as cappuccino or machín monkey, owl monkey, common squirrel monkey, dusky titi monkey). We can watch also other animals and a great variety of insects.
Expedition by boat. We left Yanayacu heading for Amazon River where we look for the amazon dolphins: the gray dolphin (Sotalia fluviatilis) and the pink river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis). Is possible to swim at Amazon River.
Night of myths. After dinner we sit down comfortably to chat and listening stories and myths of the forest, with a warm light given by the lamps. We also will hear stories about the life of the local communities. Optionally we can go out for a walk in the surroundings of the lodge, in company of our guide.


Fishing. We sail by boat to find some quiet place where we can fish using canes, hooks and bait. It's common to fish piranhas, sardines, “boquichicos” (prochidolus nigricans) and other species. Return to the lodge
Visit to the community of San Juan de Yanayacu.
We will learn about the life of the communities of the amazon forest. We can buy handcrafts made by the mothers of the town.
Return to Iquitos at speedboat. (2.3-4 hours).
Transfer to hotel or airport.



  • What to bring?
  • Repellent for insects, cotton T-shirt, sweatshirt, cargo pants, bathroom clothes, lantern, photographic camera, video camera, binoculars, rain clothes, batteries, rubber boots, SPF lotion, sunglasses, cap.


  • Transportation from Iquitos to the lodge and return.
  • Private cabins with complete bathrooms.
  • Food: Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Bilingual guiding (Spanish, German and English)
  • All the selected activities and expeditions.
  • Bilingual guide, local guide and tour conductor.
  • Purified water
  • First-aid Kit.
  • Permanent assistance


  • Plane tickets, airport taxes.
  • Impuesto aeroportuario.
  • Alcoholic beverages, pop or extras.
  • Tips to the guides or servicing personal.

- All our prices are in US Dollars.
- Special rates are available for bigger groups.
- An advance of 25% of the total price is required in order to make the booking.
- Yanayacu Lodge rates are for a staying in independant cabins for 2 to 4 persons per cabin.

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Con respecto a los Parques Nacionales y Zonas Reservadas, los visitantes solo pueden ingresar a estas últimas y siempre acompañados de un guía oficial que debe tramitar un permiso especial para el grupo. Debido a esto agradecemos confirmar sus viajes con tiempo para adelantar trámites de rigor.
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